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Our all-day interactive digital twin training event is designed to help you do just that. In a series of workshops, you'll learn from experts in the field and gain hands-on experience building and working with digital twins. Are you ready to take your digital twin skills to the next level?

Our training event is available to individuals across all industries. Attendees can select one workshop from each four-hour block session. Each is guaranteed to challenge you and help you build your skills, and you'll have the opportunity to network with other attendees and digital twin experts. Don't miss this unique opportunity to enhance capabilities within your industry, explore how to solve real-world problems with digital twins, and elevate your skills. Register now and join us for a day of hands-on digital twin training. We can't wait to see you there!

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All digital twin training workshops are available in both the morning and afternoon session blocks. Lunch and coffee breaks are included in pricing.


Tabletop Training (TTX) for Interactive Threat Scenario Management

Digital Twin Trainer: David Shaw, CEO: Intuitus Cyber Security
Goal: Interactive use case development and scenario development and learnings.

A TTX (Tabletop Training Exercise) consists of simulating known and emerging threats against critical assets and processes in a real-world context where conclusions are documented without disruption to actual assets, processes, or operations.

The TTX is made up of scripted, progressively complex scenarios, each one building on the previous activity against a specified domain and use case.

A digital twin is used to develop Red Team scenarios with predictive analytics modeling and AR to enhance Use Case development.

Each episode is defined by a threat scenario and multiple threat activities perpetrated by the Red (threat) Team that is subsequently responded to by the Blue Team.

Episode exercises are generally progressively complex and are designed to address potential vulnerabilities or gaps in control measures that the Blue Team uses to mitigate the threat or risk being evaluated.

Prerequisites: TBD

Digital Twin Platform Training for Facility Management and Property Compliance Management

Digital Twin Trainer: David McKee, Portfolio CTO, Counterpoint Technologies
Goal: Introduce the use of digital twins for managing property health and safety compliance.

This training session will Introduce the domain of compliance, specifically health and safety compliance for property managers, as an application area of digital twins.

Participants will examine a range of case studies focused on health and safety examples showing the value that digital twins bring and the impact of not doing it properly.

Attendees will use the Crysp platform as their digital compliance tool and gain hands-on experience while exploring how this tool fits within an overall organizational digital twin ecosystem. Tabletop exercises.

Prerequisites: Delegates must bring laptops

Composing Intelligent Digital Twins - Benefits and Values

Digital Twin Trainers: Gavin Green, VP Engineering, and Pieter van Schalkwyk, CEO, XMPro
Goal: Explore the latest technological advancements and learn to harness the full potential of digital twin technology, including exciting new areas of AI.

You will learn how to create digital twins that can improve your business operations and optimize your processes, giving you a competitive edge in today's ever-changing market.

By the end of this workshop, you will have the knowledge and skills to tailor your own digital twins to your specific needs.

And with the added benefit of Composability, you will learn how to design and build digital twins that can be seamlessly integrated with other cutting edge technologies.

The workshop will be divided into three parts:

  • Introduction
    • Unlock the full potential of digital twin technology and discover its numerous applications
    • Be prepared to dive deep into the world of composable digital twins and come out with valuable skills and knowledge.
  • Fundamentals of Digital Twins
    • Learn the meaning behind the buzzword and discover the different types of digital twins available
    • See firsthand the real-world benefits and use cases of digital twin technology
    • Understand the technical requirements and infrastructure necessary to build a successful digital twin
  • Building a Composable Intelligent Digital Twin
    • Get a glimpse into the future of digital twin technology with the concept of composability
    • Master design patterns and best practices for creating a composable digital twin

Prerequisites: TBD


Member: $295
Non-Member: $395

Capacity: 20 people per course

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