Our ecosystem is expanding globally through regional initiatives driven by our RBOs

Global Ecosystem Expansion

The Digital Twin Consortium global ecosystem is growing rapidly. Through an expanding community of interest, opportunities spanning a diverse mix of market segments and applications open up to our members. The list at top-left shows our growing ecosystem of Regional Branch Organizers, comprising DTC members around the world.

RBOs work with us to accelerate the development, adoption, and monetization of digital twins by pursuing mutual objectives, preventing market fragmentation. We collaborate on the harmonization of technology components to create standards requirements, with the shared goal to realize interoperability.

RBOs facilitate regional engagements and activities for DTC with regional industry, government, and academic institutions, and help navigate local business customs. They drive awareness and adoption of digital twins by conducting DTC events and joint promotional activities. They expand the reach and opportunity for DTC members to participate in projects and pilot programs across the globe.

This initiative:

  • Promotes members' thought leadership and awareness
  • Opens up new opportunities for involvement
  • Accelerates digital twin adoption