Capabilities & Technology

Creating the Foundation of a New Industry

The Capabilities & Technology Working Group is focused on creating the foundation upon which the digital twin industry will be built. The group's capabilities scope includes Security & Trustworthiness, Reliability, Safety, Resiliency, Interoperability, and Privacy.

The group fosters the development of reusable, scalable, and repeatable twin models and methodologies, and considers the impact of twins on the environment, the circular economy, and societal changes.

The group and its corresponding sub-groups are focused on:

  • Foundation-building tasks, such as developing a digital twin definition and glossary, identifying common characteristics, and providing a lifecycle blueprint.
  • Capability-directed work, which is establishing building blocks and structure for twins, inclusive of open source and open standards.
  • Outcome-oriented projects, such as incorporating common characteristics of twins, identifying enabling technologies, encompassing elements from edge to cloud.

Our Key Priorities

Put forth a preferred definition and glossary of digital twins

  • Recommend a taxonomy/ontology/hierarchy.
  • Help understand the spectrum from simple to complex.
  • Scope out underpinnings for recommended architectures.

Evaluate models for digital twins and enabling technologies

  • Highlight the Technology Showcase for digital twin use cases, and the Value Innovation Platform, featuring real-world proof-of-concept testing environments.
  • Promote the Member Technology Spotlight, focusing on DTC member evolution.

Refine technology capabilities and methodologies

  • Notably maturity and assessment, composable frameworks, open source, and system reference architectures.
  • Work with our liaisons to scope a digital twin reference architecture.

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Business Maturity Model

Member Chairs:
Tim Connolly, APTUMX LTD
Dana Kawas, Thynkli Enterprises Inc.


Open Source, Standards, and Platform Stacks

Member Chair:
David McKee, Counterpoint Technologies


Interop Tiger Team

Member Chair:
Anto Budiardjo, Padi LLC


Security & Trustworthiness

Member Chair:
Detlev Richter, TÜV-SÜD
David Shaw, Intuitus


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