Pharma Lifecycle and Supply Chain

Advancing Innovations that Optimize the Pharma Lifecycle and Supply Chain

Digital twins are rapidly advancing innovations in the pharmaceuticals industry. Digital twins facilitate real-time monitoring of manufacturing processes, enhancing quality control and reducing production costs. The industry is already leveraging twins to simulate drug development processes in virtual environments, enabling more efficient testing and optimization. 

The Pharma & Regulatory Working Group aims to foster collaboration and innovation across the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory landscape. The group's focus spans the entire lifecycle of pharmaceutical products: Discovery, Development, Manufacturing, Delivery, and Regulatory compliance.

By leveraging digital twin technologies, the group seeks to advance innovative approaches and best practices with impact on efficiency, safety, and quality throughout these critical stages. The objectives of the group include:

  • Discovery and target identification
  • Preclinical R&D
  • Clinical trials and patient-centric monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and supply chain security and integrity
  • Regulatory compliance.

Our Key Priorities

Propose and Establish Best Practices & Guidelines

  • Publish white papers, recommendations and guidelines on implementing twins in pharma contexts.
  • Address regulatory considerations, data privacy, security and interoperability.
  • Explore how twins can accelerate drug discovery.
  • Foster a community of practice within the pharma ecosystem.

Collaborate with Regulatory Bodies & Working Groups

  • Engage with health authorities to align digital twin practices with emerging regulations.
  • Advocate for the acceptance of digital twin-generated evidence in regulatory submissions.
  • Explore collaborative opportunities for uptake of digital twin approaches across the industry.

Use Cases, Case Studies & Educational Resources

  • Highlight examples of improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced patient outcomes.
  • Share success stories and lessons learned from applying digital twins in drug development and manufacturing.
  • Educate shareholders about digital twin adoption through webinars, workshops, and training.

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