Open Source

You are invited to contribute to the digital twin open-source repository on GitHub

Digital Twin Consortium has an open collaboration initiative to provide support for our communities of interest. Digital twin open-source projects coalesce around contributions from members and non-members to accelerate the adoption of enabling technology and techniques.

The free contributions are open to the public – anyone can post on the Github page. Contributors come from the DTC membership, tech industry leaders, and the digital twin ecosystem at large. Their posts include open-source code implementations, collaborative documents for guidance and training, open source models, and other assets that are of value to the digital twin community.

Contact us if you would like to collaborate on a project or learn more about our guidelines or how projects are assessed. As you'll see on our GitHub Repositories and Packages pages, the entries include high-profile and high-impact initiatives.

Some popular examples include:

  • ManufacturingOntologies, a reference solution for leveraging manufacturing ontologies.
  • UA-CloudTwin, a cloud-based Digital Twin Definition Language (DTDL) adapter for OPC UA data; and UA-CloudViewer, a tool used in Industrial IoT scenarios to bridge the gap from OT to IT.
  • UnrealPixelStreamingExample, a sample project demonstrating how to set up unreal render streaming within a JavaScript framework (VueJS).
  • iot-edge-ocpp-central-system, an Azure IoT edge module implementing the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) V1.5 and V1.6 Central System.
  • EcolCafe-Industrie-4.0 Public, which includes projects for ERP, SCADA, and SysML to describe, execute and improve end-to-end manufacturing digitalization.

The DTC’s digital twin open-source initiative:

  • Encourages digital twin innovation,
  • Accelerates digital twin adoption,
  • Drives collaboration among digital twin technologists, architects, end-users, and vendors.