Every employee of your organization can take advantage of every benefit and service


Receive consortium quotes for your press releases. Display your membership badge in your marketing materials.

Working Groups

Eligibility to participate in and chair Working Groups and help drive their focus and direction. Members can suggest new Working Groups that add to the focus areas of the consortium.

Tiger Teams

Tiger Teams and Task Groups spin out of Working Groups to take action for projects in specialized areas such as Security & Trustworthiness, Modeling & Simulation, and Interoperability.


Collaborate and brainstorm with the industry's leading digital twin players in our consortium Working Groups, Initiatives, Liaisons, and Quarterly Meetings.

Cross-Participation Opportunities

Participate in activities - and receive membership discounts - with our sister consortia: the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA), BPM+ Health, Industry IoT Consortium, and Object Management Group.

Thought Leadership

Receive industry recognition as a leader in digital twin through your association with the Consortium. Get published in white papers and blogs, and participate in webinars and conference panels.

Social Amplification

Get featured in LinkedIn and Twitter campaigns for your digital twin and consortium related accomplishments, events, and publications.


Participate in member promotional initiatives, such as newsletters, success stories, member videos, thought leadership videos, webinars, and blogs.

Exclusive Content

Gain access to member-exclusive Use Cases, Presentations, and Research in our member portal.

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