Security & Trustworthiness of Digital Twins

Endeavoring to Ensure the Security of Digital Twins Worldwide

Digital twins are revolutionizing the way industry operates. But there are monumental risks if things go wrong. The threat of cyberattack, supply chain fraud, mistakes, missed maintenance and other issues threaten the integrity of the system and erode trust in the data it produces and consumes. A twin that operates on false data is, after all, not a twin.

Digital Twin systems are fundamentally systems of systems – disparate hardware and software components, physical environments, actors – that communicate and share data to create a holistic understanding of the systems' operations and optimize decision making.

This introduces the need for a way of thinking about security and trustworthiness where risk and responsibility are shared. Actions by one will have impacts on others.

Digital twin security is a team sport, and this plays out in both the technical and business domains. Toward that end, the Security & Trustworthiness Sub Group, part of the Capabilities & Technology Working Group, is endeavoring to ensure the security of digital twins worldwide.

Our Key Priorities

Develop and document an approach to security and trustworthiness

  • Consider how security system relate to the specific and unique features of digital twins and their operation.
  • Define common characteristics.
  • Recommend a taxonomy/ontology hierarchy for security.

Identify high-quality security resources

  • Include broad issues such as device security, network architecture, and process management.
  • Consider different stages of the digital twin lifecycle.
  • Consider costs and operational efficiencies.

Promote security concepts required for end-users and systems integrators

  • Properly assess, adopt, and operate digital twin technologies and products that meet the business' security and trustworthiness needs from all perspectives.
  • Focus on Cyber threat management.
  • Considerations for regulatory compliance, personal safety, and appropriate levels of investment.

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