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Digital Twin Consortium Speaks at IEEE Digital Twins and Parallel Intelligence Conference

Digital Twins, the metaverse, and smart airports are reshaping the digital aviation industry

BOSTON, MA – OCTOBER 30, 2023 – Digital Twin Consortium® (DTC) and its members will present at IEEE DTPI (Digital Twins and Parallel Intelligence) 2023, from November 7-9, 2023, in Orlando, FL. The conference features industry-leading keynote speakers, workshops, and technical presentations.

“Intelligent infrastructure is increasingly recognized as a key focus area in the digital landscape,” said Dan Isaacs, GM & CTO, DTC. “Within this broader context, digital twins, the metaverse, and smart airports are emerging as areas where transformative outcomes are being realized.  At the conference, we’ll explore the symbiotic relationship between digital twins, the metaverse, and the future of airport design and operation. We will also explore how they enable more efficient, sustainable, and resilient infrastructures.”

At the conference, DTC members will run the “Smart Airport, Digital Twin, and Metaverse Workshop,” featuring Dr. Soheil Sabri of the University of Central Florida, Dr. Kostas Alexandridis from Orange County Public Works, Kelly Watt, DFW Airport, and Doug Migliori, from Vantiq.

After the workshop, Dan Isaacs will moderate a panel session entitled “Experts in Digital Twins, Airports, and Aviation,” featuring the same members, including Dr. Michael Grieves from the University of Central Florida (also known as the father of digital twins).

Dan Isaacs will also speak on the Evolution of the Intelligent Digital Twin, describing how digital twins, infused with AI, are enabling a shift in decision-making towards further improving business outcomes compared to those of traditional digital twins.

Register for IEEE DTPI (Digital Twins and Parallel Intelligence) 2023 and learn about digital twins from DTC by participating in our workshop and attending our panel and speaking sessions.

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