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    Why digital twins?
    Digital twin technology enables you to see what happens as a result of your decisions before you invest in them, without risk. What is holding you back from investing in this technology to improve your operational efficiency?
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    Why the Digital Twin Consortium?
    The success of digital twin technology will require cross-industry collaboration. Will you choose to act alone or will you join the movement to advance the innovation of digital twins to work for everyone?
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    How fast is digital twin growing?
    Grand View Research, Inc. projects the market to reach US $26B by 2025 with a CAGR of 38%. How will you keep pace?

Through Collaboration, Digital Twin Consortium Will:

  • Influence the direction of digital twin technology development

  • Become the focal point for digital twin thought leadership, trend analysis and industry perspective

  • Create cross-industry digital twin reference architectures and definitions

  • Promote, evolve and refine digital twin best practices and benefits

  • Provide the definitive resource hub for digital twin producers and consumers

  • Improve interoperability between digital twin technologies

Become a Founding Member

Founding Members

Founding members will help determine the direction of Digital Twin Consortium and establish the mission, priorities and working groups.

Founding members receive:

  • A perpetual steering committee seat while membership is in good standing
  • Four passes to each membership meeting

  • Recognition as a Founding Member of Digital Twin Consortium
Become a Founding Member Today!