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    Why digital twins?
    Digital twin technology enables you to see what happens as a result of your decisions before you invest in them, without risk. What is holding you back from investing in this technology to improve your operational efficiency?
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    Why the Digital Twin Consortium?
    The success of digital twin technology will require cross-industry collaboration. Will you choose to act alone or will you join the movement to advance the innovation of digital twins to work for everyone?
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    How fast is digital twin growing?
    Grand View Research, Inc. projects the market to reach US $26B by 2025 with a CAGR of 38%.
    How will you keep pace?

IOTSWC Digital Twin Virtual Summit

December 3, 2020 - With over eighteen compelling, cutting-edge sessions from the world's most innovative companies, including many Digital Twin Consortium members, learn how to leverage digital twins for new opportunities.

WEBINAR: From BIM to Twin!

December 9, 2020 - Digital Twins are the next step forward for the construction and property management. Digital Twin Consortium is helping to lead the evolution from BIM to Twin with its growing ecosystem of industry partners.

Through Collaboration, Digital Twin Consortium Will:

  • Influence the direction of digital twin technology development

  • Become the focal point for digital twin thought leadership, trend analysis and industry perspective

  • Create cross-industry digital twin reference architectures and definitions

  • Promote, evolve and refine digital twin best practices and benefits

  • Provide the definitive resource hub for digital twin producers and consumers

  • Improve interoperability between digital twin technologies



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