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Digital Twin Consortium Publishes Reality Capture User Guide

Applying Reality Capture to Tenant Improvement Projects

BOSTON, MA – JUNE 12, 2023 – Today, Digital Twin Consortium® (DTC) published an Industry User Guide for Applying Reality Capture to Tenant Improvement Projects to supplement to its recently published whitepaper Reality Capture: A Digital Twin Foundation.

The guide shows tenant improvement stakeholders (i.e., owners, architects, engineers, contractors) how they can use reality capture within the interior of a building to modernize and improve the efficiency of their projects. Reality capture is a critical component of a digital twin’s lifecycle, so tenant improvement projects can benefit and contribute to developing the digital twin.

Reality-capture technology embodies a set of devices and processes that are used to collect the conditions of a physical objects, assets, or space,” said Dan Isaacs, GM & CTO, DTC. “When stakeholders implement and manage them correctly, the tools accurately and efficiently create digital duplicates of physical things, such as small objects, rooms, and buildings. Reality capture provides contextual insight and awareness through the transparent representation of real-world conditions.”

“Tenant Improvement reality capture can help projects in many ways. Every visible feature of the existing conditions can be captured and shared across the team as a visual communication tool, and by analyzing scan data, users can extract information like floor flatness and clashes detection to surface potential issues with proposed design, it’s the foundation for the digital twin,” said Co-author John Niles, technology consultant at Gafcon Digital.

Reality capture differs across different industries as each industry has use cases that drive various hardware and software selections and different capture frequencies and accuracy requirements. DTC intends to publish additional user guides for other industries.

Download an Industry User Guide for Applying Reality Capture to Tenant Improvement Projects for more information and a complete list of authors. You can also download Reality Capture: A Digital Twin Foundation from our website.

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