Digital Twin Consortium Celebrates Second Anniversary

Creating a market for digital twins and driving innovation

BOSTON, MAMAY 31, 2022  –  Today, Digital Twin Consortium® (DTC) celebrated its second anniversary. With more than 200 member organizations representing 36 countries, the consortium continues to drive the awareness, adoption, interoperability, and development of digital twin technology.

“We are creating a market for digital twins, which we believe is one of the most critical technologies for the next decade,” said Bill Ruh, Chief Executive Officer, LendLease Digital, and Chair of the Digital Twin Consortium Steering Committee. “Consortium members are working on everything from early research to practical things businesses can implement today. Business leaders will adopt digital twins based on that practicality to improve efficiency and grow their capabilities.”

“We are guiding outcomes for end-users of digital twin technology throughout their global operations and supply chains,” said Ron Zahavi, Executive Director, Digital Twin Consortium. “For example,  we’ve created the governance and ecosystem that promotes the creation and distribution of open-source technologies in a meaningful way, and our Digital Twin Capabilities Periodic Table framework helps businesses embrace digital twin technology. Our world-class ecosystem will continue encouraging innovation, accelerating digital twin usage, and influencing the requirements for standards.”

The DTC’s two-year accomplishments include:

  • Partnering with fifteen liaisons  – global technology associations and standard bodies that are early adopters of digital twins.
  • Creating ten innovation hubs centered on industry and technology, including new ones for Academia & Research, FinTech, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Mobility & Transportation.
  • Establishing seven regional branch offices, including offices in Australia, Canada, Chile, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and the UK, with more to be approved.
  • Publishing five digital twin industry framework papers, the industry’s first Glossary of Terms, and the industry’s definitive definition of digital twins.
  • Hosting three public virtual “Info Days,” including ones for Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing, and Natural Resources industries.
  • Developing the Digital Twin Capabilities Periodic Table, a framework for delivering digital twin projects based on use case capabilities.
  • Providing an open-source repository, which is now available on GitHub, to help digital twin communities collaborate while building the market.

The DTC is currently building a reference library of real-world use cases to provide insight into digital twin development and implementation and many other innovations. For more information about joining DTC, please visit the website.

About Digital Twin Consortium

Digital Twin Consortium is The Authority in Digital Twin. It coalesces industry, government, and academia to drive consistency in vocabulary, architecture, security, and interoperability of digital twin technology. It advances digital twin technology in many industries, from aerospace to natural resources. For more information about Digital Twin Consortium, please visit our website at

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