Decarbonizing buildings with digital twins.

Decarbonizing Buildings with Digital Twins: Identifying and Aligning the Stakeholders

This paper is the 2nd in our series of five user guides, which are a compendium to the white paper Decarbonizing the Built World: A Call to Action. The call to action is focused on decarbonizing buildings with digital twins. The five guides provide practical detail on how to address sustainability process questions within your organizations.

One of the most vexing challenges to decarbonization is the disparate nature of the built environment and the need for collaboration in making environmentally conscious decisions that are well-executed throughout the entire building lifecycle.

This guide, “Identifying and Aligning the Stakeholders,” specifically addresses the role of each stakeholder in the sustainability process for smart buildings.  The order of stakeholder engagement is a function of when key decision makers identify goals relating to the improvement of building performance.

The user guide identifies stakeholders from throughout the building lifecycle, starting with the role of people in the community, whose health and well-being are at stake. It poses the questions: Why does the built environment have such a profound effect on the overall use of carbon and yet have relatively fewer committed decision-makers addressing the problem?  And can this be changed by decarbonizing buildings with digital twins?

Download the paper below.