Technology, Terminology & Taxonomy

Literally Creating the Foundation of a New Industry

The 3T Working Group is developing a preferred definition, taxonomy, and, ultimately, hierarchy of digital twins. This will enable the industry to speak with a common vocabulary on this concept – enabling better understanding through shared definition and vernacular.

Until 3T was formed, the term digital twin had dozens of definitions and meanings, but many of those definitions reflected outdated technologies. Therefore, the goals of the 3T Working Group have been to harmonize definitions and representations of digital twins and put forward a single, authoritative definition. This will bolster a common understanding of not only the base definition of a digital twin, but also its multiple variants and applications.

Our Key Priorities

Put forth a preferred definition for digital twins

  • Explore the multiple varieties available today.
  • Define common characteristics.
  • Recommend a taxonomy/ontology/

Evaluate digital twin models, methodologies, and enabling technologies

  • Help understand the spectrum from simple to complex.
  • Review digital twins in the product development process.
  • Refine and deliver specific terminology and taxonomy-related deliverables.

Work with our liaisons to scope a digital twin reference architecture

  • Review and define existing architectures.
  • Scope out taxonomy and underpinnings for recommended architectural directions.
  • Collaborate with sister Groups inside and outside the consortium to synchronize standards and architectures.

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