Jeff White, CTO for Edge at Dell Technologies

Jeff’s focus is on edge software defined management platforms, edge native infrastructure, edge execution environments and networking. Jeff has developed intellectual property filings in edge application and infrastructure scheduling/control algorithm design, edge data management, AI/ML drift mitigation and emerging networking.

Dr. Said Tabet, Dell Distinguished Engineer, Chief Technologist Digital Ecosystems at Dell Technologies CTO Office

Dr. Said Tabet is a Dell Distinguished Engineer, Chief Technologist Digital Ecosystems at Dell Technologies CTO Office. Said is a member of the Object Management Group Board of Directors and member of the Digital Twin Consortium Steering Committee. Said is also a founding member of the program Committee for IoT Solutions World Congress and contributes to several AI, Edge, Autonomous vehicles, and Digital Twin industrial initiatives. Said is the Editor for the ISO/IEC 19086-4 and serves as a Fellow at the Cloud Security Alliance.

With three decades in the industry, Dr. Tabet contributes to technology innovation forums, guides startups through mentorship and coaching, and consulted with the EU Commission, US, UK, Japan and Singapore regulators on technology adoption and its impact on business and society. Said continues to work on challenges around AI/ML, Mobility, Autonomous vehicles and Edge Computing, Digital Twins, and Semantic Data Collaboration. Said holds patents in various business and technology areas including Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Security, Regulatory Compliance and Risk management, IoT, Cloud and Edge Computing, Simulation, Hardware Infrastructure, Machine communications, and others.

Andres Carvallo, Co-Director, Connected Infrastructure for Education, Demonstration and Applied Research (CIEDAR) Consortium

Andres is a Professor of Innovation in the College of Science and Engineering, Materials Applications Research Center (MARC) Fellow, and Co-Director of Connected Infrastructure for Education, Demonstration and Applied Research (CIEDAR) Consortium. CIEDAR has 1,800 plus faculty, 40,000 students, 32 traditional labs, and is building 9 living labs in 800 acres focus in 5G/IoT, Mobility, Utilities, Cities, Infrastructure and Buildings, Energy, Water & Wastewater, Sensors, Networks and BigData/Software. Outside of Texas State, Carvallo is the founder and CEO of CMG Consulting, a strategic planning and advisory firm focus on Smart Grids, Smart Utilities, Smart Cities, and Smart Buildings.

Carvallo is known as the “Godfather of the smart grid” for designing and building the very first smart grid in the US at Austin Energy, the author of “The Advanced Smart Grid” and has published 48 titles in Power Engineering, Telecom/IoT, and Building Technologies. Carvallo has received 36 industry awards since 2005. Carvallo has held c-suite and senior executive roles at Austin Energy, Philips Electronics, Digital Equipment Corp, Borland and six IoT, telecom and Internet startups. Carvallo started his career as a Windows Product Manager at Microsoft in Redmond, WA. At Austin Energy, Carvallo was the CIO/CTO and led a storied $4billion deployment of technology, in 2,500 projects, with a 98% on-time and on-budget transformation from 2003 to 2010. Carvallo received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering degree from The University of Kansas with a concentration in Robotics and Control Systems. And Carvallo also has received post-graduate certificates in Business Management from Stanford University, in Quality Management from The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania, and in Power Utility Management from The University of Idaho.

Kathleen Kennedy, Executive Director, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

With multiple roles at MIT, Kathleen is leading on the front lines of cutting-edge technology and innovation. Right now, she is extremely passionate about climate change, digital transformation, the evolving nature of work, and the future of education. She is a strategic leader with a unique skill set for transforming organizations as well as building new ones.

Kathleen is currently the Executive Director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, a multidisciplinary research center. She is also the senior director of MIT Horizon, a digital learning platform helping global organizations to up skill at scale. In addition, she is a venture partner at Good Growth Capital.

She has held several leadership positions at MIT, including President and Chief Strategy Officer of Technology Review, MIT’s global media company; President of the MIT Enterprise Forum; and Director of Special Projects of MIT, where she worked as a lead organizer of The Engine, a venture fund and accelerator program for tough tech startups.

Kathleen is a cofounder and board member of Manifest Boston (formally HubWeek), a first-of-its-kind civic collaboration that brings together the most creative and inventive minds making an impact in art, science and technology.

She has served on numerous selection committees including the Eisenhower Fellowships, the Lemelson-MIT prize and the MacArthur Foundation 100&Change competition. She is a mentor for MIT DesignX. She was awarded the Folio: 40, which recognizes the most innovative and influential people in the media industry, and named by the Women of the Harvard Club as one of Boston’s Most Influential Women.

Doug Kiehl, Senior Director: Disruptive/Transformative Technologies Team (DT3) and Digital Twin COE, Eli Lilly

Douglas Kiehl has over 39 years’ experience with application of advanced mass spectrometry in characterization of diverse chemical entities. He is a member of the USP Packaging and Distribution Expert Committee, Chair for the PQRI (Product Quality Research Institute) Development Technical Committee, PhRMA Topic Lead for the ICH Q3E Expert Working Group, Board of Directors for the ELSIE (Extractables/Leachables Safety Information Exchange) Consortium, and Chair for the SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing Conference. His research interests include exploring MS-based visualization techniques for rapid, comprehensive characterization of complex mixtures of structurally and compositionally diverse chemical entities. He leads efforts to advance threat detection and ultrarapid development and deployment of pharmaceutical countermeasures for catastrophic and unanticipated medical needs and point-of-use patient therapies.

Urmi Sen, VP Digital Transformation – Intelligent Industry ( Mfg. Semiconductors Med Device, Smart Infra), Siemens

Urmi Sen is a Digital Transformational Leader who leverages her extensive Operational Management experience with Business Strategy and Product Vision to deliver decisive, results-based Technology Leadership. She designs and operationalizes a Digital Transformation blueprint that is industry agnostic. She is also your executive partner and guide for your Cloud journey with Scale, Security, and Resiliency needs as key objectives. She is your Big Data partner to solve challenges around domain distributed data. Urmi exhibits empathy for the business need to commercialize innovation and to operationalize ESG.