Digital Twins for Public Safety enable evacuations during active shooter incidents.

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The Digital Twins for Public Safety use case is an Artificial IoT (AIoT) safety solution that provides comprehensive safety intelligence to help save people who are involved in active shooter incidents.


During an active shooter incident, the use case helps to minimize the damage. It presents the best courses of actions to those at the scene during the "golden time" before the police and the fire department arrive.

How it works:

A digital twin provides a 3D visual model of facilities, reflecting IoT devices and sensors installed in appropriate locations. A gunshot response algorithm is created and verified by simulating the movements of the shooter. The system uses this data to recommend optimal evacuation routes and line-of-sight points.

With this data, the Digital Twins for Public Safety use case guides people on the best courses of routes at the scene in pre-implemented virtual space. It generates three D's of intelligence: ​Detect the gun shot; Determine the best courses of actions; and Direct people to safe places. Meanwhile, the data is transmitted to the police and fire department.

Multiple event scenarios can be generated based on the anticipated movements of the active shooter, and predefined scenarios can also be used for actual evacuation training.

Key Players:

The Digital Twins for Public Safety use case is based on the Intelevac AIoT platform developed by safety intelligence solution provider Corners Global.