Digital Twin Consortium is The Authority in Digital Twin™

The Digital Twin Consortium is a global ecosystem comprising industry, government, and academia. It was founded to accelerate the development, adoption, interoperability, and security of digital twins and enabling technologies.

The consortium propels the innovation of digital twin technology through consistent architecture and design methods, open-source collaboration, and development of best practices. It is committed to demonstrating the value of digital twin technologies and guiding positive business outcomes for digital twin end users.

Three Primary Objectives

The Digital Twin Consortium has three primary objectives:

  1. Influence the direction of the digital twin industry
  2. improve interoperability of digital twin technologies, and
  3. influence the requirements for digital twin standards.

The members are committed to using digital twins throughout their global operations and supply chains. They set de facto technical guidelines and taxonomies, publish reference frameworks, develop requirements for new standards, and share use cases to maximize the benefits of digital twins.

The consortium is open to any business, organization, or entity with an interest in digital twins. Digital Twin Consortium is part of the Object Management Group®.

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