Digital Twin Consortium is The Authority in Digital Twin™

Digital Twin Consortium drives the awareness, adoption, interoperability, and development of digital twin technology. Through a collaborative partnership with industry, academia, and government expertise, the Consortium is dedicated to the overall development of digital twins. We accelerate the market by propelling innovation and guiding outcomes for technology end-users.

The members are committed to using digital twins throughout their global operations and supply chains. The consortium is open to any business, organization, or entity with an interest in digital twins. Digital Twin Consortium is part of the Object Management Group®.

As The Authority in Digital Twin™, we:

  • Build and establish an extensive multi-faceted ecosystem,
  • Identify and fill gaps in technology development,
  • Drive interoperability through frameworks and open-source code,
  • Develop and advocate consistent best-practice methodologies,
  • Work to influence policy and standards requirements,
  • Publish and amplify architectures, statements, and viewpoints,
  • Advance scientific and technical research to expand the market.

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