Bill Hoffman

Bill Hoffman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

[email protected]

As Chairman and CEO , Bill is responsible for all of the business of the OMG, including Board activities and oversight of the OMG's neutral and open Technical Process.

Bill has been with OMG since 1989 and has worked in the computer industry in the areas of advanced hardware and software for over forty years. A frequent industry speaker, he is knowledgeable on the latest trends in Industrial IoT, Digital Twins, Augmented Reality and sustainability. You can read Bill's bio here.

Dan Isaacs

Dan Isaacs, Chief Technical Officer

[email protected]

Dan Isaacs is a Chief Technical Officer of Digital Twin Consortium, where he is responsible for setting the technical direction, liaison partnerships and support for new memberships.

Previously, Dan was Director of Strategic Marketing and Business Development at Xilinx where he was responsible for emerging technologies including machine learning, defining, and executing the ecosystem strategy for the Industrial IoT and Automotive Business. Dan also represented Xilinx for the Industry IoT Consortium (IIC). He has more than 25 years of experience working in automotive, mil/aero and consumer-based companies including Ford, NEC, LSI Logic and Hughes Aircraft.

Dan has been a keynote speaker and panellist for IIC World Forums, Industrial IOT Global conferences, Embedded World, Embedded Systems, and FPGA Conferences. Dan serves on international advisory boards. He holds degrees in Computer Engineering: EE from Cal State University, B.S. Geophysics from ASU.

Nancy Zukowski

Nancy Zukowski, Chief Marketing Officer

[email protected]

As Chief Marketing Officer, Nancy is responsible for revenue growth and member retention. She develops and executes marketing and communication strategies across multiple channels. Nancy oversees a team of enthusiastic professionals and directs our worldwide internal and external marketing efforts. With extensive experience in numerous segments, including information technology, healthcare, finance, and education, Nancy has spent most of her career in marketing and product management roles.

Juergen Boldt

Juergen Boldt, Vice President, Member Services

[email protected]

Juergen is responsible for tracking all standards processes throughout the OMG's specification adoption process including all spec. revision cycles and associated adoption votes. He is also managing all OMG document archives. He is the Point of Contact for most process related issues. In addition to providing general member support and services, he also manages OMG's IT department, which services OMG staff and members alike.

Business Development

Steve Gillis

Steve Gillis, Sr. Account Executive

[email protected]
+1-781-444-0404 Ext. 119

Steve is the Senior Account Executive in Business Development and is responsible for developing memberships and sponsorships for OMG and the Industry IoT Consortium.

Christopher Corso

Christopher Corso, Account Executive

[email protected]
+1-781-444-0404 Ext. 108

Chris is an Account Executive at OMG and responsible for memberships and sponsorships across all managed programs including the Digital Twin Consortium (DTC), Industry IoT Consortium (IIC), the Consortium for Information & Software Quality (CISQ), and BPMBPM+ Health.

Diane Ehramjian

Diane Ehramjian, Director, Member Engagement

[email protected]
+1-781-444-0404 Ext. 115

As Director of Member Engagement, Diane is a resource and point of contact for all consortium members to find help with getting started, introductions, and engagement in consortium activity.

Marketing Department

Meg Duncan

Meg Duncan, Marketing Director

[email protected]

As a Marketing Director, Meg handles the social media, edits the newsletter, coordinates webinars, and manages lead generation and email marketing for Digital Twin Consortium. She is a graduate of Boston College (B.A) and New York University (M.A.).

Karen Quatromoni

Karen Quatromoni, Director of Public Relations

[email protected]

Karen is the Director of Public Relations. Karen holds a bachelor's degree in music composition from Berklee College of Music and a master's of education from U. Mass Boston. She is also an accomplished jazz guitarist, performing in big band orchestras and small combos in Massachusetts.

Kayla Long

Kayla Long, Marketing Manager

[email protected]

Kayla supports the Digital Twin Consortium Marketing Team efforts in social media, email marketing, newsletters, webinars, events, and other marketing projects.

Bonnie Gordan

Bonnie Gordon, Conference Director

[email protected]

As Conference Director, Bonnie develops content and recruits speakers for IOT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, as well as conference and webinar programming for Digital Twin Consortium events. Bonnie works with members and program committee executives to create unique digital and live event content/programs that drives business value.

Evan Birkhead

Evan Birkhead, Marketing Communications

[email protected]

Evan Birkhead became part of the OMG marketing team in January 2019 with the acquisition of OpenFog Consortium. His commercial clients include leaders in IoT, IT operations, and cybersecurity. Evan began his marketing career in 1997 when he joined Micromuse, a start-up in the network management space that experienced skyrocketing growth, went public on Nasdaq, and was acquired by IBM. He is a contributor to all OMG consortia.

Svetlana Orlova

Svetlana Orlova, Sr. Webmaster

[email protected]

Svetlana (Lana) is responsible for designing and managing the OMG's World Wide Web
site and sub-webs, including CISQ, BPM+ Health, DDS Foundation, UNICODE, IIC, UML, CORBA, OMGSysML and Digital Twin Consortium web sites. She also assist the marketing department with designing of logos, flyers, banners, e-blasts and other marketing materials. She is the editorial and technical liaison for the OMG services available to
members and non-members alike. Comments and suggestions on the OMG's web pages can be sent to [email protected] or [email protected].

Technical Department

Skyler Lew

Skyler Lew, Business Intelligence Analyst

[email protected]

Skyler maintains relationships with Industry IoT Consortium Members, providing Technical, Operational and Administration Support. He oversees and maintains the Industry IoT Consortium's Document Management System, and also supports the Digital Twin Consortium Open-Source Github project initiatives.

Ben Zahavi

Ben Zahavi, Project Manager

[email protected]

Ben maintains relationships with Industry IoT Consortium Members, providing Technical, Operational and Administration Support. He oversees and maintains the Industry IoT Consortium's Document Management System and also works with the Industry IoT Consortium members to organize Industry IoT Consortium events.

David Lee

David Lee, Technical Staff

[email protected]

Dave Lee maintains relationships with Digital Twin Consortium's liaison partners and Regional Branch Organizers, providing technical, operational and administration support. He oversees and maintains the Digital Twin Consortium's Document Management System and works with the DTC's liaison partners and Regional Branch Organizers to further the development of DTC's collaborative deliverables.

Nicholas Sofield

Nicholas Sofield, Technical Staff

[email protected]

Nick builds relationships with Digital Twin Consortium Members, providing technical, operational, and logistics support. He helps establish member contributions and engagement processes, and works in conjunction with Business Development Account managers on early member engagements.

Event & Meeting Planning

Mike Narducci

Mike Narducci, Director, Meetings and Events

[email protected]

Mike is the Director of Meetings & Events at OMG and oversees implementation and coordination of various OMG marketing programs such as technical meetings, member events, and workshops, providing support and promotion, including website content and related electronic advertising and webcasts. In addition, Mike supports the OMG sales and marketing teams with member acquisition and retention.

Carol David

Carol David, Corporate Event Manager


[email protected]

As Corporate Event Manager, Carol provides support in the planning and execution of meetings, conferences, trade shows and events for the OMG, IIC, CISQ, UNICODE Conference and Digital Twin Consortium organizations.

Administrative Services

Denise Wahl

Denise Wahl, Manager of Administrative Support and Services

[email protected]

Denise works directly with the senior executives of OMG. She also assists in the registration process.