Help teams to build intelligent digital twin solutions providing real-time 3D, XR and IOT support with a variety of deployment options.


Low initial costs support exploratory and iterative development to find valuable use cases which can scale up to enterprise-grade deployments

Digital Twin Role

Enable new insights to help organizations better understand and predict the physical world in which they operate

Infectious Disease Management

Link time, spatial and sensor data with existing enterprise data to enable new insights.

Epidemiologists get an up-to-date view of the state of disease spread across more than 1,700 inpatients in 6 blocks across the campus, linking existing enterprise data sources with interactive 3D visualizations.

Users can move a time slicer across 12+ months of data to see patient movements between beds along with their current and future disease state, providing an unprecedented level of contact tracing and investigation.

A risk quantification and prediction algorithm now uses both exposure time and spatial distance to better predict likely secondary infections to better prioritize screening targets. Further integrations and notifications are in development.

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  • 3D models built from 2D plans, imported 3D BIM or scanned via on-site mapping.
  • Data integration with a wide variety of enterprise data interface types.
  • Visualizations on low-spec PCs, tablets, and VR/AR devices (including HoloLens).
  • Can be deployed entirely on-premise through to fully cloud hosted.
  • Pre-built template available for Healthcare (Infectious Disease Tracking) with more planned.

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