Digital Twins and Reality Capture

Identifying the advantages of reality capture data as a single "source of truth" for digital twins.

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The digital twins and reality capture use case was developed to provide digital twins with a dependable source of information for asset tagging and display, superseding traditional BIM and CAD models. In this use case, a digital twin leverages reality capture as its single source of truth, yielding operational efficiencies.

How it works:

The digital twin and reality capture use case utilizes asset tagging and display in reality capture data to provide an accurate application for experts and non-experts. The intent of this design is to optimize decision making in digital twin initiatives.

Asset tagging and display is applicable across digital twin workflows, spanning use cases such as asset identification, predictive maintenance, inventory management, safety monitoring and quality control.

The reality capture capabilities ensure the availability of the most recent and reliable information on all assets, regardless of location. As a result, BIM and CAD models are kept up to date, by comparing them to their as-built counterpart.


  • To be able to incorporate as-built designs into asset management workflows.
  • To provide the ability to access accurately classified asset info anywhere at any time from a single source of truth.​
  • To validate that the digital twin model is accurate, and that the data is therefore reliable.

Key Players:

The Showcase leverages the Cintoo reality capture platform for digital twins, which enables the capture and management of assets and equipment in their existing conditions.