To develop and provide an energy infrastructure to enable rural and campus communities to achieve energy security and meet renewable energy goals.

  • Operational Resiliency
  • Optimized Energy Consumption
  • Economic Opportunity
Digital Twin Role
  • Performs autonomous monitoring and analysis
  • Provides prioritized real time optimization of energy consumption
  • Enables efficient load balancing and storage

buildings as batteries

An innovative approach to digital twins that enables decentralization of power grids at unprecedented speed and scale.

This use case provides optimization of the power, thermal, and related aspects for campuses and buildings.  Through decentralization, the distribution of energy can be performed at scale. This allows unparalleled energy redistribution speeds and enables the solution to scale up to cities and states.

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The solution provides templates for enabling mass customization at scale, allowing for continuous improvement based on operational feedback. The solution is repeatable for others to build their own customized implementation.

Planned Deployment: Brooklyn Navy Yard


  • Decentralization of the power grid
  • Scale solutions to cities and larger
  • Customizable solution can change the energy landscape

Agile Fractal Grid
Key Player:
The Agile Fractal Grid, Inc. has created a platform to help campuses and communities achieve energy security and meet renewable energy goals, while also providing contemporary broadband services.