To provide a commercial approach to decentralizing the power grids.


Provides a realizable strategy towards addressing targeted areas for Climate Control.

Digital Twin Role

The digital twin is a testing and optimizer engine, allowing for real-world simulation and testing in production. It autonomously performs monitoring and analysis while providing visibility of energy usage and retention during operation.

Brooklyn Naval Shipyard

An innovative approach to digital twins that enables decentralization of power grids at unprecedented speed and scale.

The showcase aims to show the process behind the mass customization approach provided by the digital twin in a large-scale environment. It provides optimization of the power, thermal, and related aspects for campuses and buildings.  Through decentralization, the distribution of power can be performed at scale. This allows for unparalleled energy redistribution speeds and enables the solution to scale up to cities, states and even countries.

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The solution provides templates for enabling mass customization at scale, allowing for continuous improvement based on operational feedback. The solution is repeatable for others to build their own customized implementation.

Planned Deployment: Brooklyn Naval Shipyard


  • Decentralization of the power grid
  • Scale solutions to cities and larger
  • Customizable solution can change the energy landscape 

Key Player:
The Agile Fractal Grid, Inc. has created a platform to help rural and campus communities achieve energy security and meet renewable energy goals, while also providing gigabit broadband access.