Healthcare systems are under immense pressure to reduce expenses and improve margins. Digital Twins have the potential to improve both patient outcomes and operating margins.

  • Reduce patient wait time
  • Accelerate patient turnaround
  • Increase equipment utilization
  • Reduce staffing costs
  • Decrease bed shortages

Healthcare related sectors, including medical devices, pharmaceutical development, hospitals and healthcare systems are becoming increasingly digital and digital twins can be applied during many phases of the lifecycle to improve production, predict or detect problems, and improve patient safety.

Digital Twin Consortium focuses on the applicability of digital twin to all of these sectors to improve interoperability, demonstrate the value and accelerate the digital twin market.

Digital Twin Consortium activities and opportunities to get involved include:

  1. Determine applicability of digital twins to different stages of the lifecycle
  2. Explore commonality and differences between the different sectors
  3. Identify the need for digital twin interoperability across healthcare
  4. Look at the interaction required between physical and digital production components and digital feedback loops
  5. Define semantics required to describe a healthcare or subsection of industries digital twin
  6. Identify standards gaps and requirements

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