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    1.4. How does this project align with the Sponsoring Body's Charter?

    1.5. Project Proposers

    Project Governance (Required)

    See Project Overview and Guidelines for assistance in choosing the right Type and License for your project.

    2.1. What Type is your Project?
    During the past year of my membership, I have contributed by:

    Open Source
    Project License:
    Apache 2.0MITBSD 3-clause

    Open Data
    Project License:
    CDLA Sharing 1.0CDLA Permissive 1.0CDLA O-UDACDLA C-UDA

    Open Content
    Project License:

    2.3. Names of initial maintainers, if different from those submitting proposal in Section 1.5

    2.4. Are there existing entities ready to contribute resources to the project? Who do you see recruiting to the effort in the next year?

    2.5. Do you have a set of criteria for accepting pull requests or other contributions? (Review process, code style, API use, testing (unit and/or regression), etc.)

    2.6. Release methodology and mechanics

    2.7. What are your success criteria for the project?

    Technical Information

    3.1. Describe project synergy with existing Digital Twin Consortium Open Collaboration Projects. Describe how the project complements or competes with existing projects. If there is overlap with existing projects, discuss ways to possibly resolve in the future.

    3.2. External dependencies including tools, libraries, OSs, platforms, or technologies (include information on licenses, and indicate whether each is a build time or runtime dependency)

    3.3. Standards implemented by the project, if any. Include URLs to any such standards.

    3.4. List of project's official communication channels (slack, irc, mailing lists, etc.)

    3.5. Project Security Response Policy (if applicable)

    Other Information

    4.1. Existing financial sponsorship(s), grants, and/or awards

    4.2. Are they any limitations on longevity for technologies or contributions in, or intended to be contributed to the project?

    4.3. Are there any known or anticipated liabilities that the project is encumbered by?

    4.4. Project Logo URL

    4.5. Any additional information the Review Body should take into consideration when reviewing your proposal.