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Digital Twin Consortium Announces a Liaison with CESMII – The Smart Manufacturing Institute

Organizations collaborate to propel digital twins across manufacturing

BOSTON, MA – NOVEMBER 2, 2021 – The Digital Twin Consortium® and CESMII – The Smart Manufacturing Institute have entered into a liaison agreement to influence the creation and development of digital twin enabling frameworks and technologies. The goal is to accelerate the adoption and effective use of digital twins to create value. The digital twin is disrupting the entire product lifecycle management, from design, to manufacturing to service and operations. Digital twins offer a great amount of business potential by predicting the future instead of analyzing the past of the manufacturing process.

Both have agreed to the following:

  • Collaborating on standardization requirements
  • Realizing interoperability by aligning technology components and other elements
  • Aligning work in horizontal domains for adoption in vertical domains and use cases, proof of concepts
  • Value Innovation Platforms (VIP) programs including:
    • Technology, Terminology and Taxonomy
    • Security and Trustworthiness
    • Conceptual, Informational, Structural and Behavioral Models
    • Enabling Technologies, such as simulation and AI
    • Technology Stack across the Digital Twin Lifecycle
  • Case Study development from initial concept through implementation and operational analysis
  • Collaboration on open-source projects, contributions, and reference implementations

“Manufacturing corporations can leverage digital twins for reduced downtime and increased performance, among other benefits,” said Dan Isaacs, CTO, Digital Twin Consortium. “We’re excited about our liaison with CESMII, and our efforts to accelerate the use of digital twins in manufacturing.”

“CESMII is excited to engage with the Digital Twin Consortium,” said John Dyck, CEO of CESMII. “Our member organizations and the market more broadly are looking for a more holistic scope, definition and use of digital twins, including a more integrated information framework that spans process design, manufacturing, and maintenance.”

About CESMII – The Smart Manufacturing Institute
CESMII – The Smart Manufacturing Institute: In partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy, the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Institute is a non-profit that brings over $140 million in public-private investment to radically improve the precision, performance, and efficiency of U.S. advanced manufacturing. CESMII is the 9th Institute of the Manufacturing USA, established by the White House to spur U.S. innovation, sustainability, and competitiveness. For more information, visit our website.

About Digital Twin Consortium
Digital Twin Consortium is The Authority in Digital Twin. It coalesces industry, government, and academia to drive consistency in vocabulary, architecture, security, and interoperability of digital twin technology. It advances the use of digital twin technology in many industries from aerospace to natural resources. Digital Twin Consortium is a program of Object Management Group.

The Object Management Group® (OMG®) is an international, open membership, not-for-profit technology standards consortium. Founded in 1989, OMG standards are driven by vendors, end-users, academic institutions, and government agencies. OMG Task Forces develop enterprise integration standards for a wide range of technologies and an even wider range of industries

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