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Digital Twin Consortium Announces Capabilities Periodic Table Framework

Guidance to help organizations develop composable digital twins

BOSTON, MA – MARCH 29, 2022 – The Digital Twin Consortium® (DTC), The Authority in Digital Twin™, announced the Digital Twin Capabilities Periodic Table (CPT). It is a definition framework organizations can use to design, develop, deploy, and operate composable digital twins (CDTs) with faster time to value. CDTs are application-based platforms that deliver service orchestration using packaged business capabilities (PBCs), modular combinations of technical capabilities presented as bundled services.

The Digital Twin CPT clusters capabilities around common characteristics using a periodic-table approach. The framework focuses on use case requirements versus technology solutions and architectures. Organizations can use the Digital Twin CPT to determine the capabilities they need to deliver successful digital twin solutions. They can also use it to analyze vendor solutions to ensure they align with use case requirements.

“The Digital Twin CPT is a ‘must-have’ framework for any organization who wants to start composing digital twins using a capability-based approach,” said Dan Isaacs, CTO, Digital Twin Consortium. “In the future, we plan to publish a capability maturity model organizations can use to score their progress in developing digital twins.”

The Digital Twin CPT framework facilitates collaboration in multidisciplinary or fusion teams that create specifications for digital twins for large-scale complex environments. The framework focuses on the capability requirements of individual use cases, which the team can aggregate to determine the capability requirements of a digital twin platform and the technology solutions they’ll need to address specific business needs.

“Organizations can use the Digital Twin CPT framework in the boardroom to explain the business case to fund a digital twin project. They can also use it on the shop floor to gather digital twin application requirements,” said Pieter van Schalkwyk, CEO, XMPro and Co-chair, Natural Resources Work Group, Digital Twin Consortium. “It provides visual guidance for organizations to collaborate and brainstorm on capabilities requirements.”

Organizations can use the Digital Twin CPT across the entire life cycle of a digital twin; the capabilities may differ during the various phases, but the approach remains the same. Access the Digital Twin Capabilities Periodic Table User Guide, Toolkit, and Worksheet for more information. Access a complimentary interactive version of the Digital Twin CPT from our liaison partner AIoT User Group – as part of the Digital Playbook. Please watch the DTC webinar, “Digital Twin Capabilities Periodic Table for Composable Digital Twins,” on March 30, 2022, at 4 pm EDT.


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