Our global membership is taking a leadership position in advancing digital twins

Members collaborate in Working Groups to address the business and technology needs of vertical and horizontal ecosystems.


Digital Twin Consortium drives the adoption, use, interoperability and development of digital twin technology. It propels the innovation of digital twin technology through consistent approaches and open source development. It is committed to accelerating the market and guiding outcomes for users.


The goal of the consortium is to be The Authority in Digital Twin as it relates to policy, security, interoperability and overall development of digital twins. The consortium will define the ecosystem, standards requirements, architectures, open source code, identify gaps, and publish statements and opinions. This will be done in partnership between industry, academia and government in a collaborative open environment.

Improve interoperability of digital twin technologies
Improve interoperability of digital twin technologies
  • Ensure digital twin models interoperate throughout your product lifecycle
  • Develop best practices for security, privacy and trustworthiness
  • Create library of reference implementations for digital twins
Set de facto industry guidelines for digital twin technology
Set de facto industry guidelines for digital twin technology
  • Accelerate the market
  • Develop industry requirements for new digital twin standards
  • Reduce the skills gap by getting your employees involved


Influence the direction of digital twin technology
Demonstrate the value to maximize your outcomes
  • Integrate existing source code into your system
  • Help influence the direction of the market and get your project online faster
  • Combine your resources and reduce your risk


The Digital Twin Consortium is organized under Object Management Group® (OMG®)'s 501(c) (6) not-for-profit status. It operates under OMG's existing governance, policies and procedures under the oversight of the Digital Twin Consortium Steering Committee. Review the bylaws of the Digital Twin Consortium here.

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