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Improve interoperability of digital twin technologies

Improve interoperability of digital twin technologies

  • Ensure digital twin models interoperate throughout your product lifecycle
  • Develop best practices for security, privacy and trustworthiness
  • Create library of reference implementations for digital twins

Set de facto industry guidelines for digital twin technology

Accelerate the market

  • Set de facto industry guidelines for digital twin technology
  • Develop industry requirements for new digital twin standards
  • Reduce the skills gap by getting your employees involved

Influence the direction of digital twin technology

Demonstrate the value to maximize your outcomes

  • Integrate existing source code into your system
  • Help influence the direction of the market and get your project online faster
  • Combine your resources and reduce your risk


Digital Twin Consortium drives the adoption, use, interoperability and development of digital twin technology. It propels the innovation of digital twin technology through consistent approaches and open source development. It is committed to accelerating the market and guiding outcomes for users.


The goal of the consortium is to be The Authority in Digital Twin as it relates to policy, security, interoperability and overall development of digital twins. The consortium will define the ecosystem, standards requirements, architectures, open source code, identify gaps, and publish statements and opinions. This will be done in partnership between industry, academia and government in a collaborative open environment.

Membership Annual Dues and Benefits - Pricing Based on Member Annual Revenues

If your company is also a member of Object Management Group or Industrial Internet Consortium, you qualify for an annual discount. Ask your account representative for more information. The Founding Members of Digital Twin Consortium have already been established and this level is closed. Contributing Member status provides the same benefits as the Founders and gains a seat on the Steering Committee.

Contributing Member
(Includes Four Quarterly Meeting Passes. Includes steering committee seat 4-year Commitment)
$200 Million+ revenue
(Includes One Quarterly Meeting Pass)
$50 Million - $200 Million revenue
(Includes One Quarterly Meeting Pass)
$5 Million - $50 Million  revenue
(Includes One Quarterly Meeting Pass)
Up to $5 Million revenue
University/Non Profit
$0 Revenue/Start Up
$0 for 1 year ("$0 Revenue/Start Up" is defined as a company in existence three years or less or has an annual gross revenue under $1 million, details may be required to confirm eligibility)

Membership extends to all company employees and includes the following benefits:

Digital Twin Consortium Member

  • Listing in member directory on Digital Twin Consortium website
  • Participation in Digital Twin Consortium working groups
  • Eligibility to chair working groups
  • Collaborate with industry peers
  • Influence requirements and future standards for digital twins
  • Industry recognition as a leader in digital twins
  • Usage of Digital Twin Consortium Membership badge in your personal and corporate marketing materials
  • Access to Membership Portal and all working group work in progress
  • Membership in Digital Twin Consortium speaker bureau
  • Some membership levels allow limited cross-participation in sibling programs: Object Management Group and Industrial Internet Consortium.

Branding Upgrade

Branding Upgrade - $25,000

Packages are available to members in good standing to provide additional marketing opportunities and exposure for their organizations. Upgrade includes:

  • Logo on Digital Twin Consortium website homepage
  • Ability to post case studies in Digital Twin Consortium repository
  • Ability to post white papers on Digital Twin Consortium website
  • Two webinars per year – Content to be provided by member
  • Exhibit Table at quarterly meetings
  • Two meeting passes to quarterly member meetings

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