Overcoming the performance discrepancy between overwhelmed legacy emergency systems and the prohibitive cost to upgrade them.

Today’s emergency services are hindered by a lack of seamless, scalable communications. The showcase addresses the lack of common operating systems, disjointed communications, and increasingly frequent delays in emergency response.

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A digital twin maps out the breadth of the emergency response communications system's operations. It can be scaled to any level required by the operations infrastructure. The solution provides a globally distributed, synchronized and highly secure Ops Center, that scales to any size operation.

The solution is agnostic to hardware, software, network, or operating system. It is designed for seamless integration with standalone, virtual, or pure data stream systems. The processes and information passed throughout the secure mesh communications network are backed by 24/7 automated diagnostics.

Site: Airport


  • Improved emergency response times.
  • Secure real-time communications.
  • Data monitoring, testing, and training through a single pane of glass.

Key Player: The solution employs the commercial version of the Department of Defense's Comprehensive Collaborative Command & Control Mission Application Platform (C4MAP) and Intuitus’ network health and cybersecurity platform.