Brooklyn Naval Shipyard

Overcoming roadblocks to transform a packaging and production line system to Industry 4.0

This showcase seeks to build a scalable open-source manufacturing solution that provides a standards-based transition to Industry 4.0. The manufacturing production system is mapped across a series of asset-administration shells, allowing shells to speak with each other using a common language.

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A digital twin of the system allows for visibility across the entire process, from the packaging production line to the point of sale. The abstraction layer of the project is available through the Digital Twin’s Consortium’s Open-Source Project on GitHub.

Site: EcolCafé Demonstrator from BEMA, which is an automated system for measuring, sealing, and delivering coffee packages.


  • An open-source, common language for Industry 4.0-type capabilities that is system and architecture agnostic.
  • Real-time reliability of data sources and end-to-end communication using industry standards.
  • Serve as a base for connecting Industry 4.0 use cases.

ECAM LaSalle
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