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Who should attend:

  • Business and technical executives tasked with digital transformation initiatives
  • Technologists from Fortune 1000 organizations considering digital twin implementations
  • Digital Twin practitioners looking for practical use cases and market trends
  • IT and IoT professionals across all industries looking to expand their knowledge base
  • Digital Twin Consortium members and those considering membership


Digital twin technology is evolving rapidly, driving the $50B+ market toward its potential. The very fabric of the Metaverse-Omniverse-Dataverse is being shaped through digital twins.

In this free virtual forum, open to the public, Digital Twin Consortium CTO Dan Isaacs and special guest panelists will explain why 2022 is a critical year for digital twins to establish this momentum.

The panelists will forecast how the market is being spurred by advancements in technology that increase the value of digital twin adoption and deployment across every major industry.

Attendees will learn:

  • How recent trends have made digital twins a key enabler of digital transformation.
  • How technology is enabling seamless interoperability between the physical and virtual worlds is maturing.
  • How the rise of the "block twins" are impacting financial transactions from initiation to execution.
  • How data governance has the potential to help realize the value of digital twins in smart cities and countries.
  • How the member-driven Digital Twin Consortium, through the global reach of its Regional Branch Organizers and extensive liaison relationships, is taking action to safeguard the future of digital twins.


Dan Isaacs Dan Isaacs Chief Technical Officer of Digital Twin Consortium

Other Panelists TBD.

The panelists will provide examples and uses cases, and discuss how to get involved in Consortium initiatives such as the Technology Showcase, which help our members drive market growth through innovation, collaboration, and implementation.

Agenda Coming Soon

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